What Our Clients Have to Say

This is the best law firm ever! I had them work on two separate cases and won both! I highly recommend this amazing law firm to anybody looking to win there case. Thank you very much!
I've had a few attorneys in my life to represent me in various cases. None of them took the time to hear my side as did the Shimoda Law Corp. and the time that they spent gathering information was not only impressive but done thoroughly and professionally. I never thought that an attorney would have the level of integrity that The Shimoda Law Corp. has. They fight for the right of people and we need more companies like this in our country.

Galen and the team at Shimoda Law were recommended to me, and I'm glad I took that advice.

I had never been thru any kind of legal conflict like this. Their experience working for the" little guy" was very helpful. For the most part Galen was able to tell me what to expect as we moved thru the process. I don't know how individuals would get any kind of legal help, if it were not for offices like Shimoda Law Corp. We were successful in getting a settlement that was better for me and helped to offset some of the loss I experienced.

If you need help with employment law, and you have to go up against a large company by yourself, Shimoda Law are the people you need to talk to.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for standing by my side in my case. My experience with this legal matter was at minimal stress for me. You assured me that my case had precedence. You were unwavering in your representation of my case. I felt as if I was solving my legal matters with friends. Your staff is exceptional. I will not hesitate in referring others for legal advice. Thank you for caring about me.

With great appreciation

I found Mr. Shimoda to be extremely helpful, easy to talk to and very personable. He explained my options clearly, addressing the pros and cons of my case. Galen answered all of my questions and provided a clear-cut path on which to proceed. He kept me updated by phone and e-mail in a timely manner. Because of his diligence and knowledge of the law my case was concluded with a favorable outcome. If I ever need an "A-1" attorney in any future legal situations he would be the first one I would call.
I wouldn't hesitate to call the Shimoda Law Group in the future, if the need for assistance arises.
Dear Galen,

I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you! You and your staff did an amazing job for me and I am very grateful. I now have closure and am at a good place in my life. I wish you all the best in life and I am sure you will prosper!

When an employment issue arose several attorney’s told me I had no case. I finally decided to try one more time. I contacted the Shimoda Law office. Spoke to Galen Shimoda. He agreed to give me a consultation and see what we could do. After the consultation, he and I determined I had a case and we proceeded forward. In the end, his firm got my severance packaged doubled. During the difficult negotiations, his entire staff acted with professionalism and confidentiality. I would not hesitate to use his firm again and would highly recommend it.
Galen Shimoda and his associates were professional, friendly and supportive. When I first met with Galen I showed him documents to support my case; he immediately confirmed that I had a case. We went through mediation and I received a settlement thanks to Galen's knowledge and determination. I would not hesitate to either hire or recommend Galen and his firm. Thank you is such a small thing to say for everything they did for me.

I approached Shimoda Law with a case of employer discrimination due my affiliation with the National Guard. Galen listened to my concerns and accepted my case. He was forthright and told me he only accepts cases that have merit and that he believes he could win in front of a jury. Our initial meeting and his acceptance of my case began a legal process that lasted over a year but that resulted in a very satisfactory settlement.

In taking my case Galen explained the differences between how laws were written, how courts interpret them, and how a jury (and even the opposing attorney) might view the law relative to the "sexiness" and/or technical merits of the case. This was valuable to understand how the legal system really works and reassuring that Galen and his team knew how to operate within the system.

Through every phase of the case - filing, discovery, deposition, mediation, and ultimately settlement - Galen and Justin were careful to explain the process and ensure we were level - set on reasonable expectations regarding potential outcomes. There were no surprises or disappointments. During the actual mediation and settlement discussions Galen was able to accurately anticipate counter arguments and, relying on his vast experience, predict where the opposing attorneys would want to settle and, more importantly, how far above that point to push for the final settlement amount.

I highly recommend Shimoda Law and I wouldn't hesitate to contact them for any future employment law concerns. The team at Shimoda Law clearly explained the law related to my case, set reasonable expectations, and diligently worked to execute the case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Thank you for believing in me and in my family. Thank you for seeing us as human beings, and thank you for treating us as such. Thank you for making this process less painful and less stressful.
I spoke with Mr. Shimoda about my employment situation. I was impressed that he responded quickly to my concern. Overall he gave very sound advice and I would definitely work with him again.
When I found myself in the unexpected position of needing legal representation and counsel on how to handle an unpaid wage dispute with my employer, I reached out to Shimoda Law for help. I appreciate how Galen Shimoda, Justin Rodriguez, and the firm’s staff handled my case with professionalism and care. Justin was wonderful to work with throughout the process. He answered all of my questions and helped me understand how federal and state laws applied to my case, always treating me with patience and respect and demonstrating the firm’s philosophy to “listen to what our Clients have to say.” Galen and Justin are an impressive team. Their experience, knowledge of the law, and confident presentation of my case resulted in a successful outcome on my behalf, both monetarily and on principle. Shimoda Law helped me maneuver through a difficult and challenging situation, helping me to reach an amicable outcome consistent with my objectives.
Mr. Shimoda and his attorney's did a wonderful job handling my case. They were professional, courteous, and incredibly helpful. They navigated my case to a successful and satisfactory conclusion. I could have not asked for better representation.
When I made an appointment with your office to ask an employment related question, I walked out of your office with information regarding the law in CA that I was not aware of and ended up with a substantial settlement . . . you recognized an employment situation that had been occurring for 13 yrs that was unlawful in the State of California. I was astonished and very pleased with the outcome! Throughout the process, you and your staff treated me extremely special and always professional and caring.
As a client at Shimoda Law, I was very pleased with the level of professionalism as well as the quality of work that my case received. I am happy to say it was a very pain free experience and through the hard work of my attorney, Galen Shimoda, and his staff, I was able to reach an outcome I was very pleased with.
I was referred to Galen Shimoda for representation in an employment case after being fired from my job. I was immediately put at ease after our first meeting. Galen is very professional, confident, and straightforward with his work. My wife and I had minimal stress knowing that our case was in his hands. We were very pleased with the outcome, and will continue to refer friends and family to Galen.”
I have known Galen for over 8 years. He is an honest, diligent, and intelligent attorney, and I would (and have) recommended him to my closest friends.
I hired The Shimoda Law firm to help me through an emotional employment problem. I was treated fairly, honestly, was kept up-to-date, and helped through the mounds of paperwork necessary. Mr. Shimoda and his staff were able to settle this issue professionally and timely to everyone’s satisfaction. Would I recommend The Shimoda Law Corporation? Absolutely!!!