Practice Areas

Wage and Hour

The Shimoda Law Corp. has extensive experience in wage and hour advice and counseling, litigation, and class actions. Many clients ask what does "wage and hour" mean. Wage and hour relates to the laws that regulate the compensation and wages to employees. The most known wage and hour laws include minimum wages, overtime, reimbursement of expenses, and vacation pay. Less known wage and hour laws include illegal deductions of wages, meal and lodging credits, and personnel file requirements.

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The Shimoda Law Corp. is also intimately familiar with general employment laws, including wrongful termination and discrimination. Our firm and its lawyers have prosecuted cases all the way up to trial and appeal for employees who have been wronged in the workplace. Discrimination and wrongful termination can be proven when an employer violates a public policy or law of the State in terminating, demoting, or otherwise taking adverse employment action against an employee. Other issues that come up within the workplace include invasion of privacy, defamation, and whistleblowing among others.

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Personal Injury

The Shimoda Law Corp. also handles physical injuries that are caused by the negligence of others. Injuries can occur in auto accidents, dog bites, and/or slip and falls.

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