What People Say About Us

I have known Galen for over 8 years. He is an honest, diligent, and intelligent attorney, and I would (and have) recommended him to my closest friends.
I wouldn't hesitate to call the Shimoda Law Group in the future, if the need for assistance arises.

Personal Injury

Car Accidents
  • This is the most common incident which causes a personal injury claim. We, at the Shimoda Law Corp., have a strong practice in keeping our number of personal injury cases low so that we can service each case personally. Our staff will immediately determine liability and who was at fault. Then we will monitor your progress and treatment of the injuries. Once completed, we will aggressively negotiate, or file a lawsuit, to capture every penny that your case is worth. Following this, we will negotiate any liens or bills you have. The Shimoda Law Corp. has made this process easier for many clients.

  • Dog Bites
  • We have experience in handling dog bite cases. In California, dog bites create strict liability for property and dog owners. If you have suffered from a bite, please contact our offices.

  • Wrongful Death
  • In some tragic cases, a family member or someone close to you have died due to the fault of another. We will determine the impact of the death and aggressively recover what is owed from the negligent party.