Jennifer Livingston
Hablo Espanol
Ms. Livingston graduated from high school in 1995 and earned her Associates Degree in Legal Assisting/Paralegal in 1996 at American River Community College. Ms. Livingston sought to find a legal field that would allow her to have contact with clients and assist them through the legal process.

Legal Experience

Eager to commence her legal experience, in 1995 while attending college, Ms. Livingston began working as a File Clerk in a personal injury/subrogation firm where she became acquainted with Court filing procedures, customer service, and pleadings.

In 1996, Ms. Livingston took a full-time position as a paralegal in a criminal office assisting in criminal defense, specifically in DUI charges. Her duties included preparation of legal forms, obtaining client information, and scheduling the attorney’s court appearances and client appointments. However, her interest to help others and have more client contact drove her to search a profession in another type of law. In 1997, Ms. Livingston began working for a personal injury law firm and grew to love the personal injury field. Ms. Livingston began working for the Shimoda Law Corp. in March of 2006.

Today, Ms. Livingston continues to work in the personal injury field at the Shimoda Law Corp. She works directly assisting Mr. Shimoda and Mr. Konini in personal injury/motor vehicle accidents. At the Shimoda Law Corp., Ms. Livingston assists in initial telephone appointments, in-office appointments, treatment information, medical records, demand letters, and all parts of litigation. Ms. Livingston focuses on each client and provides them customized attention with regular follow-up telephone conversations. Ms. Livingston is eager to continue assisting clients and providing support to the attorneys and clients whom she serves.